Happily Ever After 2021


27.02.2021   10AM-3PM (GMT)

28.02.2021   10AM-1PM (GMT)

Happily Ever After 2021 (Weekend Marriage Webinar)

A comprehensive weekend webinar on everything related to Islamic guidance on marriage & relationships. Covering before & after marriage with live workshops and contemporary discussions with Imam Shabbir Hassan, Ustadha Saleha Bukhari & Shaykh Saalim Al-Azhari.

Ideal for newlyweds, soon-to-be married or general students.

Webinar Topics:

Rules of engagement, dating & gender interaction

Finding a spouse in the 21st century

Cultural barriers & compatibility

Sexuality & intimacy in marriage

Conflict resolution & communication

Maintaining a happy marriage & relationship

What men & women should know about each other

Balancing responsibilities, roles of parents and in-laws

Prophetic principles of marriage

Activities, workshops, open floor Q&A sessions

Webinar Format:

Day 1: Saturday, February 27 (10am-3pm GMT)

Day 2: Sunday, February 28 (10am-1pm GMT)

This webinar will be available live & on-demand. You have the option of purchasing a General Admission ticket which will give you live access to both days of the course, or you can purchase an On-Demand ticket if you can’t make the live session to have access to the full recording afterwards. Course packs with slides/notes will be sent to all attendees.