Why the Nikah is SO Important in Islam?

Here are 5 reasons why the Nikah is so important for us as Muslims:

  1. Our Prophet Muhammad said: “The Nikah is from my Sunnah (tradition)” which makes it an act of worship with the correct intention and a form of reward! Allah also says in the Qur’an in an address to the Prophet: “We certainly sent before you many Messengers, and We granted them spouses and offspring” which shows that the Nikah is not only from the Sunnah of our Beloved, but in fact the Messengers who came before him too!
  2. In another famous narration, it is reported: “When a servant of God gets married, they have certainly completed half of their Deen”. By taking this step, one has not only entered in to the blessed union of marriage, but they have also completed half of their entire faith! The rest of the narration is: “Be conscious of God in the remaining half”. The beauty of marriage is that once half of your Deen is complete, you are able to work on completing and perfecting the other half with…your other half!
  3. The Nikah is the ultimate sign of love. Prophet Muhammad said: “There is nothing like the Nikah, for two people who love one another”. This narration teaches us that if we truly love someone, then we must take the step to seek the Nikah (Islamic marriage) for that is the true beginning of their journey together and makes that which was unlawful lawful.
  4. Through the Nikah, one officially enters into a marriage; a beautiful, lifelong commitment with the one they hold dearest to them. In fact, this is such a joyous and blessed moment that the Prophet said: “Publicise this Nikah…” which in other words means we should announce it to everyone. Another benefit of doing this is to ward off any evil thoughts from people, making it clear that you have been blessed to commit yourself to your beloved partner.
  5. God Almighty says in Surah al-Rum: “From among His signs is that He created for you spouses that you may reside in peace with one another…”. Marriage is one of the greatest signs of our Lord, as two individuals from different walks of life are united through the Nikah. By following this procedure, Allah confirms that they will reside in peace and harmony should they uphold the correct guidelines throughout.

May Allah grant us a spouse who will be the coolness of our eyes, and make us the ideal spouse who will do the same for them!

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